We are delivering the Best Customer-focused Service & Products in the Natural Resource Sector. We efficiently and effectively provide our customers with a range of commodities, specifications and volumes to suit their individual requirements.

We seek for better and sustainable ways to manage Congolese natural resources. So, we work with others to tackle fundamental social and economic development problems by enhancing efficient business practices, effective governance of structures, use of appropriate technology, financial inclusion and access to fair markets.

We have a strong network of various commodity producers who produce high quality commodities. We also maintain good relationships and have strategic partnerships with various other value chains stakeholders.

Our integrated solutions

Capacity building for Sustainable Business.

Our experts help unlock the commercial potential in growth markets by advising companies on how to optimize their local supply base and labor force, comply with local content requirements, demonstrate their long-term commitment to the country’s development, and become a trusted and competitive partners. Strengthening and improving governance performance by providing technical advice, strategic guidance, and support to cooperatives and SME.

Traiding & Access to market.

With a diverse range of commodities, Alpha-New Ltd’s products include coffee, grains, fruits, vegetables, and animal products. Also, we market a diverse range of minerals – such as gold and coltan.

Digital Integration.

We help our customers to integrate digital tools and approaches across their portfolio through research, design, and implementation of digital solutions. We help emerging markets to identify appropriate digital tools that will drive results.

Economic Growth.

Our economic growth work brings together the right mix of industry dynamics to unleash broad and inclusive growth. Focusing on commercial sustainability, and building on the fundamental belief that small businesses and smallholder farmers play vital roles in the value chains at the heart of the Congolese economy, we work to improve domestic and global market access, forge links between companies, enhance workforce productivity, expand access to finance, and boost local value.